The idea is the cheapest thing, but if you haven’t got any then they become priceless.

-- Ajoy Sahu

Ajoy Sahu was born in East London on April 30th 1973 whilst being of Austrian descent. He started his design interest by having painting games with his grandfather in his childhood. He left the famous Cordwainers College In the early nineties, which did not stop him from designing shoes, on the contrary, even sketching more. In the mid nineties, after a successful stint with the famous Alpine sportswear brand Rossignol, he was offered to be a shoe designer in Prada. While there, he launched the Prada Sport, the first ever sold million pair hand-made luxury sneaker collection.

Ajoy Sahu design is renowned for blending his creativity with the fine craftsmanship. After more than 23 years experiencing from exquisite traditional workmanship to continually innovative techniques in the footwear business, his design is not only professionally focusing on details but treated as beautiful as an artwork.

Ajoy Sahu was the owner of an industry CV that reads like the who’s who of the footwear world – having worked with Prada, Miu Miu, Jill Sander, Helmut Lang, Kenzo, Paul&Joe, DKNY, Diesel and Maserati amongst others.

Through his design career, Ajoy Sahu was immensely inspired by the hidden beauty and the potent seed of a poppy. He designed a stylized poppy during working in Prada and tattooed it as a momentum for his future signature brand, AJOY SAHU.

In 2015, Ajoy left this beautiful world he used to love dearly, but the brand AJOY SAHU and its team will continue the legacy of his passion for design, craftsmanship obsession and beauty.